Press release from Adrian Flux Insurance - Aug 8th 2005

Flux tie-up with NSN

* Insurer’s arrangement with National Service Network ensures fixed, accurate, competitive pricing for servicing *


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Adrian Flux Insurance has announced a joint initiative with the National Service Network (NSN) to provide its clients with lower-cost servicing, fixed pricing and full guarantees. The NSN service offers all of the price and personal service benefits of local garages together with the confidence of a national network.  It gives the complete confidence of a full 12-month guarantee, fixed, predictable costs and a single point of payment.  And registration is free to every Adrian Flux policyholder.

When a Flux insurance client’s car needs a service or repair, just one call to Flux’s NSN representative on a single national number gets an estimate for the repair and tells you the location of the nearest garage that can carry out the work quickly. 

If, during the service the garage feels extra work is required, NSN checks first with you before going further. 

“Getting our clients on to NSN gives us greater reassurance that their cars will be looked after properly”, said Gerry Bucke of Adrian Flux.  “Not only can it save them a lot in the long run, but we feel more confident that the cars we are insuring will be well looked after.  And it’ll be a national price, consistent around the country.  So even if you are two hundred miles from home, you’ll have a professional and friendly local contact.”

Gerry Bucke cites an example of a 60,000-mile service for a popular make of car, where the NSN price would be less than half the standard main dealer’s price of £130.  “This would be a national price – you only have one phone number to deal with, you don’t have to hunt around for a good local garage, but you aren’t paying the full rates of the main dealers.”

For more information on the Flux NSN scheme, call 0870 011 8294.  Adrian Flux has a huge range of policies for the motoring enthusiast.  For details contact the Adrian Flux quote line on (08700) 777888, email the company at, or see the Flux homepage on